UFC legend wants to specifically get sick with coronavirus

Legendary MMA fighter and current acting mayor of Huntington Beach, Tito Ortiz has stated that he wishes to deliberately contract the coronavirus. Earlier, the 46-year-old American has repeatedly made it clear that he is skeptical about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tito Ortiz
Tito Ortiz

“I usually wash my hands and I have no problems. I hug my friends. Hope I pick it up. I mean, this way I will be able to fight this virus. One of the important things I want to tell you, and which I discussed with five doctors, is that you go to the hospital because of the coronavirus, not because of not wearing a mask. Do not do this. There are now five drugs that kill the virus. I will post them later. My friends were taking the same medications," Ortiz said to bjpenn.com

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