Pedraza vs LesPierre. Where to watch live

The live broadcast of the boxing event from Las Vegas, in the main event of which former world champion in two weight categories Jose Pedraza will have his second fight in the super lightweight division against former challenger for the title Mikkel LesPierre.

The stream is over.

Other fights of the evening:

Jose Pedraza, 140.4 vs. Mikkel LesPierre, 141—10 rds, junior welterweight              

Gabriel Flores Jr, 132.4 vs. Josec Ruiz, 132.4—10 rds, lightweight     

David Kaminsky, 164.1* vs. Clay Collard, 163.8—6 rds, super middleweight                

Victor Rodriguez, 140.2 vs. Justin Horsley, 140.7—4 rds, junior welterweight 

Frevian Gonzalez Robles, 129.4 vs. Jose Martinez, 127.8—4 rds, junior lightweight

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