Silva: The main thing for me is to just keep fighting

One of the greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts 44-year-old Anderson Silva spoke about what motivates him to continue his professional career: “I never thought about the fact that I need to achieve a title fight. No, this is part of my career, which I have already passed. But I continue to fight. I do not know, maybe I will have a new opportunity to fight for the belt. Life will show.”

“I do not work out in the gym with one thought that I need to fight for the champion title. This is in the background for me, the most important thing is to just continue to fight, to leave all myself in this sport and then, perhaps, I will have another opportunity to fight for the belt,” Silva said.

His next fight Silva will have on May 11 at UFC 237. Silva will face Jared Cannonier.

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