Kharitonov: With all due respect, I cannot say that Minakov defeated Kongo

MMA fighter Sergei Kharitonov of Russia commented on the defeat of his compatriot Vitaly Minakov from the French Cheick Kongo at the Bellator 216 tournament.

“Vitaly did not show all that he is capable of. The fight, by and case, was equal. But Kongo was fresher. I admit honestly: with all due respect for Vitaly, I cannot say that he won.

“Yes, the judges were biased a little bit - there was no such thing that he lost all three rounds. It was possible to give a draw. But the organization needed a contender for the championship belt. And so, I, like all Russians, I was rooting for Vitaly, and I really wanted someone from Russia to fight for the title,” said Kharitonov.


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