Yan: Nurmagomedov was right in the situation with Lobov

MMA fighter Petr Yan shared his opinion about the conflict between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Artem Lobov, which occurred on the eve of the UFC 223 tournament.

Petr Yan
Petr Yan

"I think Habib correctly behaved in the situation with Lobov. Of course, it was possible to talk after a fight, but see how it happened: the weight losing, the rivals constantly change, nerves, emotions. They caught each other's eyes at the wrong time. If you say something, then be ready to answer for your words. A year has passed, or two – it is not so important. Lobov said a lot. Lobov's proposal to go out "toe to toe"?

“And what else could he offer in return? What is this "toe to toe" to Khabib? What's the buzz? You see how Lobov stands. What can he do to Khabib alone? He approached him, took him by the neck, gave him a slap, and he poured it into his pants and did not answer at all. Of course, it was necessary to somehow rehabilitate, that's Lobov and suggested "toe to toe," said Yan.

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