Sauerland: Now I understand why Usyk is considered a favorite

German promoter Kalle Sauerland, one of the organizers of the World Boxing Super Series, whose debut season started last weekend with a fight between Alexander Usyk and Marco Huck, shared his impressions of the start of the competition and the winner himself.

"What a season opening! This is the boxing Champions League! Many wrote off Marco Huck before the fight, but I think he showed a great fight, showed courage, in his style, maybe a bit dirty, but with an emphasis on the punch with which he got the opponent. Before the fight, someone said that he was not sure about the strength of Usyk's chin, but today he proved that everything is all right. Today I saw how fast the hands of Usyk were, almost like a middleweight boxer’s. Incredible speed and power with which he punches! Very pleasant to watch," said Kalle Sauerland.

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