Usyk: Huck is bold and dirty fighter

WBO cruiserweight champion Alexander Usyk in an interview for the crew of the Inter TV channel shared his impressions of the gala evening in Monaco, at which the distribution of the participants of the World boxing super series took place, as well as his decision to choose as the opponents the ex-champion experienced German Marco Huck.

Alexander Usyk and Marco Huck
Alexander Usyk and Marco Huck

"I said already in many interviews and on a TV shows that you need to collect 4 champions, take 4 contenders and to start elimination system tournament. And then, of course, one absolute champion will turn out. Strong fighters will fight the strong. The agreements on unification do not lead to anything ", - said Usyk.

"We considered the option of participation in the Super Series before, but until the very last moment I did not believe that this could happen. And when it was already talked about in large scale, naturally, we began to consider it more closely. We were sent a contract and we looked at it. We watched it before when all these conversations began. And, ultimately, we came to the fact that this is a very good idea, and indeed, we need this series, because if I do not participate, I will break off all my fans, and all those who say, that yes, this is a really cool idea."

"Naturally, I agreed to Super Series, because this is a really cool project. In the end, four belts will be in the hands of one person. This man will be the absolute champion of the world, with the cup, the trophy of great Muhammad Ali. It’s just wow! You can only dream about it. I think that those weights that do not participate, they think: "Hmm, damn, that would have made such a tournament in our weight." Well, I think so, at least."

"Why Marco Hook? For two days now there has been a debate between my fans who I should fight. There were Kudryashov, Perez and Huck. Hook scored 67%, he was the leader among all. Naturally, if people want this... By the way, before the ceremony, I went on air and asked: "Who? There are options. " Most called Huck."

"For a long time I wanted to fight him, he is bold, dirty, and somehow jerky fighter - it's interesting for me. So, the God, probably, gives us these opportunities, which we think about, or as it is convenient for us, so all the glory to God," Alexander added.

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