Rios KOs Herrera

In an all out war in main event action, Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios (34-3-1, 24KO) made his ring return a successful one with a devastating seventh round knockout of the very tough Aaron Herrera (32-7-1, 23KO). While Rios appeared to slightly edge Herrera in the first two rounds, Herrera fought back very strongly in rounds three and four. Round five saw Rios regain control and by round six the body language of Herrera just showed he was being overwhelmed by the constant pressure of former world champ, Rios.

While Rios endured plenty of power punches from Herrera, they were not having the same effect as the power punches of Rios. By the seventh round, Rios still seemed to have plenty left in the tank while Herrera seemed like he was going into survival mode. Smelling blood, Rios landed a wicked right cross to the body of Herrera to drop him and the referee started a count but then waved off the bout when Herrera seemed in no condition to continue. By TKO victory at 2:11 of the seventh round, Brandon Rios immediately puts himself back into the title picture in the stacked 147 pound welterweight division.

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