"His lungs are messed up." Thomson doubts Chimaev has recovered from the covid

Josh Thomson, former UFC fighter, just today spoke out about the upcoming fight between Hamzat Chimaev and Robert Whittaker. Josh noted that Hamzat will have a good chance of taking the first and second rounds. Thomson later added that Chimaev was unlikely to have recovered from the covid suffered.

"I just don't believe he's been the same since the covid. His lungs, I think, are messed up. And he has some underlying problems that he just hasn't been able to solve, so hopefully he'll solve them, but if this fight goes to the third, fourth and fifth rounds, the advantage will be on Whittaker's side."

As a reminder, Whittaker's fight with Chimaev will take place on June 22 as part of the UFC On ABC 6 main event.