De la Hoya gave an emphatic prediction for the Romero vs. Cruz fight

Famous promoter Oscar de la Hoya is confident that Isaac Cruz will defeat WBA Welterweight champion Rolando Romero early.

"I take my hat off to Romero because he's like a little clown. The fact that he got to this position is great because he doesn't deserve it. It's great that Romero got the fight with Cruz. "Pitbull" is going to knock him out. Of course, Cruz is a beast. Weight class won't make a difference. "Pitbull" is relentless. "Rollie" will get on his bike, just like he did in the Barroso fight, will try not to miss a punch.

"Rollie" is clumsy, he doesn't have boxing talent like a real fighter. He does have power. He throws swinging punches, but that won't work against "Pitbull." Cruz is a real, serious fighter. He will win in the fourth round," said de la Hoya.

Recall that the fight Romero - Cruz will take place on March 30 in Las Vegas.