Adesanya picks Yang in a fight with Song Yadong

Israel Adesanya , former UFC middleweight champion, spoke on the upcoming fight between Peter Yan and Song Yadong.

"Has Jan been affected by his previous defeats? I don't think so, because he's very resilient. He's a cheerful guy, when you meet him you're bound to smile at him. I'm sure his English is better now. He needs to do what he does best. I wouldn't say he's a slow starter. He does what I do, but in a different way. He studies his opponent, watches his attacks and so on. The best at that was Anderson Silva, who scans your moves and then knocks you out. I like Yan's style, I'm a fan of his style, and I can't imagine him losing four fights in a row. I'm betting on Yang to win."

As a reminder, Yang's fight with Yadong will take place on March 10 at UFC 299.