Chandler advises Volkanovski to forget about an immediate rematch with Topuria

Michael Chandler, a top UFC lightweight, answered the question of whether Alex Volkanovski seek immediate revenge with Ilia Topuria.

“Usually, in such cases, I don’t give anyone any advice. But imagine if Volkanovski wants to fight in 3-4 months... This means that very soon he will return to the gym again, will spar again, will again receive blows to the head. I wouldn’t say that this is what Alex needs... I think he needs to stop, be with his family. Continue to train, but don't miss beats. In this case, he may still be at the top of our sport for some time,” Chandler said.

The confrontation between Volkanovski and Topuria took place as part of the main event of UFC 298, ending with an early victory for Ilia in the second round.