Famous jitser found his car

Just yesterday, award-winning fighter Gordon Ryan reported that his car was stolen with up to 1,000 rounds of ammunition in it. Today the athlete reported that he had found the car.

“Despite the tracker being disabled, the Ram TRX has a second built-in tracker that cannot be disabled and which many people are not aware of. After 6 hours we saw the truck, and soon it was in our hands. I can't give too much information yet about who they are and what they do, but know that your cars are not safe in the Austin area. This is a much bigger problem than I thought. Be prepared to take a life to protect yourself and your property. As for the 5 thousand reward, none of the citizens gave me any meaningful information or advice. I offered to divide the reward among the most active officers, but they refused and said that they liked to do this business. I cannot help but thank all the departments and all those who took part in this. Everyone was overly kind, very patient, worked around the clock and conscientiously and returned my truck.”