The specialist appreciated Rakhmonov’s talent

Aziz Razyev, coach of the Dar Pro team, who works with the top UFC welterweight Shavkat Rakhmonov, shared his opinion about the talent of the Kazakh star.

“Shavkat is a very literate person. He has studied himself so much that he knows when he needs certain loads and when he doesn’t. He feels his body and will not allow himself to be overloaded or underloaded. Probably 60% of his talent is talent. I think he is very talented. He just also has this kind of mentality and character. There are guys talented in all aspects - he can be universal, be able to do everything, but inside he can be a little afraid and not open up fully. And Shavkat was a hooligan and fought when he was growing up in his neighborhood. He is such a street kid who grew up on the street, but at the same time he also has talent. In addition to talent, he also has IQ. This is a very rare quality when everything comes together in him. And at the beginning he was hungry, he gave his best, he understood what he was working for. We all know his story, that he went to the market and carried wheelbarrows. I think 60% of him is talent.”