Chimaev's manager exonerated over cryptocurrency fraud

Mehdi Shammas, the manager of Hamshchat Chimaev, commented on the scandal in which the fighter got into. The fact is that Chimaev recently promoted the cryptocurrency SMASH. His fans started buying it, after which the price of the cryptocurrency went down sharply.

"I want to comment on the recent news about the SMASH cryptocurrency. I was approached by a group of people who introduced themselves as fans of Hamzat. They wanted to record a short video to promote their project. I agreed to it - no more and no less. Perhaps I was misled. Hamzat was not involved and knows no more than you do. So the news is unpleasant and we are now seeking an explanation from those responsible. My apologies to Hamzat and everyone involved in this story. I would do things differently now. Thank you for your understanding. I will keep you informed," Shammas wrote on social media.