Tsarukyan's trainer explained why Arman will show himself better in the rematch with Makhachev

The mentor of the top UFC lightweight Arman Tsarukyan Marcos Damatta spoke out about a possible rematch between his ward and the current champion of the division Islam Makhachev.

Recall, in April 2019, the Dagestani defeated the Armenian by unanimous decision of the judges.

"At the time of the first fight, Arman was only 22 years old. He had only strong wrestling in his arsenal, plus he took that fight on a 13-day notice. And still became the first to move Makhachev to the parterre.

Now it's been five years. Look at what kind of fighter Tsarukyan has become. He's learned a lot about striking and jiu-jitsu. Now he would definitely look better against Makhachev than he did the first time," MMA Fighting quoted the specialist as saying.