Bill Haney threatens Team Garcia with "Repercussions"

The boxing world was stunned when Ryan Garcia, known as King Ry, tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs following his victory over Devin 'The Dream' Haney. The incident occurred shortly after their recent bout, shaking the foundations of professional boxing.

Ryan Garcia's B-sample also returned a positive result for PED use, confirming the initial findings. This development has raised serious questions about sportsmanship and integrity in boxing. Bill Haney, father and manager of Devin Haney, expressed his disappointment. He stated, "Cheaters don't prosper. What you do in the dark comes to the light. And ain't nothing funny about what the Garcia team and what Ryan Garcia done did. Expect something serious, there are ramifications in this. Repercussions and ramifications. You don't violate no Haney and expect [nothing to happen], yeah."

Devin Haney also spoke out against Ryan Garcia, criticizing his behavior off the ring which included smoking, drinking, vulgarity, and promiscuity. Devin referred to Garcia as a "sham role model who stood to essentially glorify the road to destruction." These comments come after Garcia's controversial statements during pre-fight promotions where he claimed he wanted to 'save the children,' which many viewed as hypocritical.

Team Haney is considering legal action against Ryan Garcia which could involve overturning the fight results due to the PED scandal. Additionally, there are potential risks of slander and defamation lawsuits directed at Garcia based on his public remarks.