'You wouldn't wish it on your enemy'. Fury spoke about his attitude to popularity

Tyson Fury, former world heavyweight champion, has revealed how he feels about his popularity.

"People believe in the dream about money and popularity. When you achieve that - everything turns out to be a lie. When you have everything, the world has nothing else to offer you. It's like having nothing. Although when you have nothing, you want everything. You may not like your standard nine-to-five job. But you can do the usual things, go wherever you want. No one asks you questions, no one comes up to you every minute. I can't go anywhere, it's torture. I can't even eat in a restaurant. People hang around my neck for pictures. I feel like kicking them in the teeth because they don't show an ounce of respect for someone they've seen on TV.

This is terrible, such and the worst enemy will not wish ...," - quotes Fury The Guardian.