Bader Al-Dherat vs Orlando Mosquera Undercard - Full Fight Card List, Schedule, Running Order

Rising star Bader Al-Dherat will face Orlando Mosquera in a lightweight boxing match in Abu Dhabi. This bout marks the main event, with both fighters coming into the ring with determination and contrasting records.

Starting his professional career in 2021, Jordan-born Bader Al-Dherat boasts a flawless record with ten wins and no losses, showcasing significant knockout power. His most recent victory against Jeff Ofori by majority decision reflects his resilience. Orlando Mosquera, hailing from Panama, turned professional in 2016. Despite a setback against Juan Javier Carrasco last August, he bounced back strongly with a win over Hernan Cortez in April. This fight poses as a crucial step for both men to validate their past performances and set the future tone of their careers.

Bader Al-Dherat vs Orlando Mosquera Fight Card

  • Bader Al-Dherat vs Orlando Mosquera
  • Faizan Anwar vs Nurali Erdogan
  • Sultan Al Nuaimi vs Muhsin Kizota
  • Fahad Al Bloushi vs Ibrahim Makubi
  • Sulaiman Abbar vs V Bharany
  • Tony Curtis vs Ismailulah Khan
  • Eissa Eidan vs Shahzada Sohail
  • Moussa Gholam vs Lingjie Xia
  • M. Komsan vs Vakhab Zhonovarabzhon

Bader Al-Dherat vs Orlando Mosquera Undercard

Sultan Al Nuaimi vs Muhsin Kizota Fight

Sultan Al Nuaimi faces Muhsin Kizota in a super-flyweight bout.

  • Division/Weight: super-flyweight
  • Sultan Al Nuaimi record: 11-0
  • Muhsin Kizota record: 20-4
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Sultan Al Nuaimi, hailing from United Arab Emirates, turned pro in 2019, securing an unbeaten record of 11 wins with 7 knockouts. His strong performance against stronger opponents such as Eliu Canario demonstrates his knockout power and capability to handle experienced fighters. Considering Kizota’s recent matches are against less challenging foes, Al Nuaimi’s aggressive style could likely dominate the fight.

Muhsin Kizota, also maintaining a solid record of 20 wins and 4 losses, debuted professionally in 2017. With a knockout rate of 60%, his recent bout resulted in a win by knockout against Juma Seleman. However, the opponents Kizota has faced recently have not posed significant challenges, suggesting that facing an opponent like Al Nuaimi with higher KO potential may test Kizota's defensive skills rather intensely.

Bader Al Dherat vs Orlando Mosquera Fight

Bader Al Dherat faces Orlando Mosquera in a lightweight bout.

  • Division/Weight: lightweight
  • Bader Al Dherat record: 10-0
  • Orlando Mosquera record: 13-2
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Bader Al Dherat turned pro in 2021 and holds an unbeaten record of 10 wins with 8 KOs. He won his last match against Jeff Ofori by mixed decision. Considering Ofori's less impressive knockout percentage (30.77%), Bader's high KO rate signals strong potential for dominance in this fight against Mosquera, who has fewer knockouts.

Orlando Mosquera became a professional boxer in 2016 and has a record of 13-2-1 with only 2 knockouts. His last victory was against Hernan Cortez, who has a low win record and minor knockout ability, indicating Mosquera may struggle against Bader's more aggressive fighting style and superior knockout power.

Moussa Gholam vs Angel Rodriguez Fight

Moussa Gholam and Angel Rodriguez are set to compete in a super-featherweight bout.

  • Division/Weight: super-featherweight
  • Moussa Gholam record: 21-1
  • Angel Rodriguez record: 21-3
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Moussa Gholam turned pro in 2016 and has a record of 21 wins, 1 loss, with 13 knockouts. His recent victory over Lunga Sitemela by TKO shows his potent striking power. Defeating Sitemela, who has a solid win percentage and similar knockout power, suggests Gholam can effectively handle Angel Rodriguez's experience and punching strength given that Rodriguez's previous bouts show less consistent outcomes.

Angel Rodriguez began his professional career in 2012. He holds a record of 21 wins, 3 losses, and 11 by knockout. His latest match was a win against Danny Marichales via knockout. Marichales' lower competency compared to Gholam’s recent opponents might imply Rodriguez could struggle against the more consistently high-performing Gholam, especially given Moussa's higher knockout ratio and overall fight record.

Faizan Anwar vs Nurali Erdogan Fight

Faizan Anwar faces Nurali Erdogan in a welterweight clash with no belts on the line.

  • Division/Weight: welterweight
  • Faizan Anwar record: 17-0
  • Nurali Erdogan record: 16-2
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Faizan Anwar turned pro in 2019 and boasts a perfect record of 17 wins, zero losses, with 9 KOs. He recently defeated Abdumonem Said by TKO, an experienced fighter but weaker than Anwar's record suggests. His past opponents had mixed results, indicating that Faizan might find Nurali challenging due to his recent stronger performances against higher caliber fighters.

Nurali Erdogan began his pro career in 2018 and holds a record of 16 wins and 2 losses. His last fight was a win against Jovan Stojiljkovic by unanimous decision, facing less challenging competition than Faizan. Despite fewer KO wins, Erdogan's more recent bouts show he can handle pressure but may struggle given Faizan's undefeated streak and high KO rate.

Fahad Al Bloushi vs Ibrahim Makubi Fight

Fahad Al Bloushi will face Ibrahim Makubi in a super-featherweight bout.

  • Division/Weight: super-featherweight
  • Fahad Al Bloushi record: 14-1
  • Ibrahim Makubi record: 12-2
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Fahad Al Bloushi turned pro in 2019 and holds a record of 14 wins, 1 loss, with 3 KOs. He last won against Andres Garcia, an experienced fighter. Given Garcia's skills, Fahad could leverage his advantages in height and reach against Makubi.

Ibrahim Makubi, who began his career in 2018, has a tally of 12 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws with 7 KOs. His most recent victory was over Festo Jambilo, a far less experienced opponent. This record sets him up for a challenging fight against the more seasoned Al Bloushi.

Marwan Mohamad Madboly vs Rimar Metuda Fight

Marwan Mohamad Madboly faces Rimar Metuda in a welterweight bout.

  • Division/Weight: welterweight
  • Marwan Mohamad Madboly record: 3-0
  • Rimar Metuda record: 17-8
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Marwan Mohamad Madboly, a newcomer from Egypt, turned pro in 2023 and boasts an undefeated record of 3 wins with 2 knockouts. His last victory came against Shomari Milundi, an experienced fighter with a mixed record. Given Madboly's knockout power and recent performance against seasoned opponents, he stands a strong chance against Metuda who has suffered losses but possesses greater experience.

Rimar Metuda from the Philippines has a record of 17 wins and 8 losses, out of which 11 are knockouts. His last fight was a win by retirement against Alvin Lagumbay, highlighting his capacity to overpower formidable adversaries. Compared to his more novice opponent Marwan who has fewer bouts, Metuda’s extensive experience in tougher matches might give him the edge in this upcoming encounter.

Mostafa Mohammed Fahmi Komsan vs Hamza Rguibi Fight

Mostafa Mohammed Fahmi Komsan will face Hamza Rguibi with no titles on the line, competing in the super-featherweight division.

  • Division/Weight: super-featherweight
  • Mostafa Mohammed Fahmi Komsan record: 2-0
  • Hamza Rguibi record: 2-1
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Mostafa turned pro recently in December 2023 and boasts a clean record of 2 wins by knockout. Considering his opponent's weaker recent competition, like Guanlin Mu who holds an unfavorably low win record, Mostafa shows promise against Hamza based on his 100% knockout rate.

Hamza turned professional a year earlier in November 2022 and has 2 wins, one loss, and half of his wins coming by way of knockout. His last fight was a decision loss to a boxer with more experience and higher success, suggesting he may struggle against opponents like Mostafa who have proven finishing power in their fights.

Sulaiman Abbar vs V Bharany Fight

Sulaiman Abbar faces V Bharany in a super-lightweight contest.

  • Division/Weight: super-lightweight
  • Sulaiman Abbar record: 3-0
  • V Bharany record: 3-1
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Sulaiman Abbar turned pro in December 2023 and has maintained a perfect record with 3 wins, all by knockout. His last fight was against Abubakar O Chikoyo, a fighter with a weaker record. Given Abbar's consistent knockout ability against lower-tier opponents, he looks strong going into this match against Bharany, who has shown vulnerability in tougher matches.

V Bharany began his professional career in March 2023 and currently stands at 3 wins and 1 loss, with one victory coming via knockout. He recently defeated Khapmeong Subba but lost to Asad Asif Khan, showing he struggles against more experienced fighters. Facing Abbar, who has a strong start to his career with rapid knockouts, might prove challenging for Bharany due to his mixed performance history and less significant striking power.

Tony Curtis vs Ismailulah Khan Fight

Tony Curtis faces Ismailulah Khan in a flyweight matchup with no belts on the line.

  • Division/Weight: flyweight
  • Tony Curtis record: 8-1
  • Ismailulah Khan record: 1-1
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Tony Curtis turned pro in September 2022 and has a record of 8 wins, 1 loss, and 3 by knockout. His recent victory against Mustafa Rahimi indicates his steady performance against less experienced fighters. Considering Khan's limited experience and similar win conditions, Curtis likely holds an advantage due to higher fight volume and diverse competitive exposure.

Ismailulah Khan, who debuted in March 2023, has a record of 1 win and 1 loss with both fights ending in knockouts. His loss to Mazhar Hussain, an opponent with a stronger record than his win against Mir Rahman Ali, suggests he struggles against more skilled fighters. Facing Curtis who has substantially more ring time, Khan may find this fight challenging due to his opponent's greater experience and tactical proficiency.

Kenan Marai vs Ahmadzai Abdulahi Fight

Kenan Marai faces Ahmadzai Abdulahi in a heavyweight bout.

  • Division/Weight: heavyweight
  • Kenan Marai record: 1-0
  • Ahmadzai Abdulahi record: 0-0
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Kenan Marai turned pro in March 2024 and immediately showed promise by knocking out Eureka Mwamba Kabeya, who had been winless across two fights. That victory showcased Marai's power, leading to predictions of another dominant performance against novice Ahmadzai Abdulahi. Marai could use his noted striking ability for an early advantage.

Ahmadzai Abdulahi, entering his first professional bout, lacks any public fight record or experience. Starting his career against a proven knockout artist heightens the challenge. Abdulahi must rely primarily on basic training skills to counter Marai’s aggressive attack given their mismatch in experience levels.

Eissa Eidan vs Shahzada Sohail Fight

Eissa Eidan will face Shahzada Sohail in a super-welterweight match.

  • Division/Weight: super-welterweight
  • Eissa Eidan record: 1-0
  • Shahzada Sohail record: 0-4
  • Belts at stake: N/A

Eissa Eidan turned professional in October 2022 and boasts a record of one win with no knockouts. His single victory came by unanimous decision against Alejandro Ramirez, who had lost all six of his prior bouts without a knockout. Comparing their records and experience, Eidan holds the edge over Sohail, having begun his career earlier and secured a win early.

Shahzada Sohail, on the other hand, still searches for his first victory after four defeats since debuting in March 2023. His most recent bout was a loss by technical knockout to Fahad Alkhoori, who had a superior record with knockouts in each of his wins. The trend suggests that Sohail might struggle against fighters with even minimal winning experience like Eidan.

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