Jai Opetaia vs Mairis Briedis 2 Purse Split

Australian boxer Jai Opetaia is set to face Latvian Mairis Briedis in Saudi Arabia tonight at 12 PM EST. The fight will serve as an undercard for the Fury vs Usyk match. This significant event marks a rematch from their contentious 2022 bout, wherein Opetaia emerged victorious but suffered a broken jaw. Both fighters are fighting for the vacant IBF cruiserweight belt.

Jai Opetaia recently turned down a mandatory IBF title defense in December, opting instead for a financially lucrative three-fight deal with Saudi organizers, which promises him at least $650,000 for his upcoming fight with Briedis. He tweeted about the decision, stating he couldn't "decline such a massive offer from Saudi Arabia."

Meanwhile, Mairis Briedis's estimated purse stands at $300,000.

Last December, Opetaia's purse amounted to $680,000 from his fight against Ellis Zorro. His impressive boxing record shows 24 fights and 24 wins, with 19 of those by knockout. Known for his powerful punch and excellent timing, the Australian native previously held the world title before it was stripped due to his choice of venue and financial terms over mandatory defenses.

Briedis brings in his technical skills, good conditioning, and tenacity to the ring. Even at age 39, he remains competitive in the sport with a record of 30 fights and 28 wins; one notable fight includes him breaking Opetaia's jaw in two places during their last encounter in 2022.

Their rematch bears elevated stakes: beyond challenging each other directly for physical supremacy within the ropes, they are both contending for significant financial earnings as well as professional redemption against previous setbacks—physical injury and pivotal career decisions.

Jai Opetaia began his professional boxing career in 2015 and has shown remarkable progression in less than a decade. On the other hand, Mairis Briedis started earlier in 2009 but maintained peak form throughout his extended career span—combining hard-won experience with consistent performance.