Haney calls for Garcia's disqualification

Devin Haney, the WBC bantamweight champion of the world, wants the New York State Athletic Commission to disqualify Ryan Garcia.

"Mr. Haney's record now has a stain on it. He was put in an unsafe fight under the jurisdiction of the NYSAC. The bout was turned into a mockery, and in addition to the use of PEDs and the prohibited use of IVs, Mr. Garcia admitted after the fight that his weigh-in was a tactic to give him an unfair advantage. Because the commission did not conduct a weigh-in on the second day of the fight, it is impossible to know how much he weighed on fight night. Therefore, after stating these facts, we ask that Mr. Garcia be disqualified, which in this situation would be more appropriate than declaring the fight a no contest," wrote Haney's attorney Pat English.