Fiziev explained Adesanya's sensational defeat from Strickland

Sean Strickland - Israel Adesanya
Sean Strickland - Israel Adesanya

UFC rated lightweight Rafael Fiziev told me why he was weak Israel Adesanya failed to achieve victory in the duel with Sean Strickland.

Let us remember that on September 10, at the UFC 293 tournament, Strickland unexpectedly beat Adesanya on points and won the middleweight championship.

“It was somewhat shocking. To be honest, before the fight I thought Adesanya was extremely inconvenient for Strickland, while Shawn was easy for him. However, I forgot about one thing.

Adesanya is very good at counterattacking when someone attacks him. But he's not very good at carrying out attacks himself. And Strickland did everything to catch with counter attacks. And he caught Adesanya with a great attack when he lost his concentration a little. Straight punches are always dangerous for counter-punchers,” the Azerbaijani said in an interview with Sportskeeda.