Austin Trout wins bare-knuckle fight

Austin Trout (36-5-1, 18 KOs) confidently began a new stage in his career - in bare-knuckle fights. At the same time, the former world middleweight champion still dreams of regaining the crown in traditional boxing.

As part of yesterday's evening, Trout was opposed by Diego Sanchez, known for his performances in the UFC. Already after the first gong, he rushed to the favorite, but Trout successfully counterattacked with short blows from the right. Sanchez tried to compensate for his boxing shortcomings with aggression and pressure, he did well in the first two two-minute rounds, but the former WBA champion was attentive in defense and accurately punched after avoiding enemy attacks. In the third round of the clash, the winner of Miguel Cotto with a right hand was able to smash the opponent's face.

Sanchez landed an accurate right hook in the fourth round, and Trout scored a left hook and sent the opponent to the floor. The MMA veteran wanted to keep fighting, but after a few more missed punches, just before the fifth round break, his bloody face forced his corner to stop the fight.

Earlier this evening, giant Greg Hardy, also known for his performances in the UFC, lost ahead of schedule at the beginning of the second round to the noticeably inferior Josh Watson. Hardy missed an accurate left hook and ended up in a heavy knockout.