Emelianenko on freak-battles: "It should be prohibited through the prosecutor's office"

The legendary MMA heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko spoke out about freak fights.

Fedor Emelianenko
Fedor Emelianenko

- Now many organizations hold so-called freak fights. I read some comments, which noted that Fedor also held freak fights - with the same big Korean or Zuluzinho. What do you think about it?

- I fought in a heavy weight class, over 93 kg, there were no restrictions. It's not right to compare, there were professionals against me. Now they make a show, they attract attention not to two professionals, but to nobody knows who. It is necessary to put order here.

- Legislatively?

- Yes. Federations must be included, to ban such fights. It should work through the prosecutor's office, at the legislative level this issue must be resolved.

- So, if this is MMA, the Russian MMA Union must react somehow?

- Quite right. When I was the head of the Union, we used to talk to the management of different leagues, we asked them not to put up fighters of different levels. We were given the go-ahead and nothing like that happened now. This is an outrage.

- Why do people like bare-knuckle fights?

- I don't know, I haven't watched it. I don't see anything good in it. If it's a sport, then it should be controlled by the Ministry of Sports and Federations. And if it's not a sport, and so - it's not clear what, then it should not be.

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