Beterbiev vs Kalajdzic. Full fight video

IBF light heavyweight champion Arthur Beterbiev (14-0, 14 KOs) scored a fifth round stoppage victory over Radivoje Kalajdzic (24-2, 17 KOs) in one of the main events of Saturday night at Stockton Arena in Stockton, California.

Kalajdzic moved a lot in the beginning, sometimes defended well, sometimes attacked well. But Beterbiev was patient, only occasionally snapping at the enemy. When Beterbiev began to deliver heavy blows, Kalajdzic held out steadfastly, responding with several of his own blows in exchanges.

However, it was Beterbiev who inflicted the damage, gradually creating a sense of inevitability in the third and fourth rounds. Between rounds the doctor began to approach Kalajdzic, who was counted a knockdown in the third round.

Beterbiev, the only current champion with a 100% knockout ratio of his victories, actively began the fifth round and completed his attack with accurate headshots. The referee stopped the bout at 13 seconds into the round.

Bob Arum, Beterbiev’s promoter, said he was impressed with his fighter: “He’s a very strong guy, and the one with whom he fought can also hit, but that didn’t stop Beterbiev. How do they withstand such blows? He has such a power, and does not pay attention to the punches of his opponents."

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