UFC’s Darren Till is arrested for hijacking a taxi

MMA fighter Darren Till, who performs in UFC’s welterweight division, was detained by Spanish police for hooliganism. Darren with a group of friends caught the attention of hotel guests when he began to break furniture on the loggia. Later, the fighter began pulling fire extinguishers off the walls and splashing them down the corridor. Then Till and his friends wanted to break into another hotel, however, the guards didn’t let them go.

Also, a British fighter is suspected of stealing a taxi car. Tenerife daily El Dia reports that when the driver loaded Till and his four friends in the trunk, the fighter himself got behind the wheel and hijacked the car. Later, the car was detained by the police of Tenerife.

Later, all the hooligans were intercepted by the police. In addition to Till, five people were arrested, according to El Dia.

The 26-year-old has lost the last two fights in UFC. In March, he was knocked out by Jorge Masvidal, and last September Till lost to Tyrone Woodley in a title fight.

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