Povetkin: Joshua fight is my last chance to become a world champion

Former world champion Alexander Povetkin of Russia called the upcoming fight with Anthony Joshua of UK his last chance to become a world champion. Povetkin - Joshua fight will be on September 22 in London. At the stake of the fight will be the titles of the world champion by versions of the World Boxing Association (WBA, with the prefix "super"), the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF) in the heavyweight division. Povetkin is a WBA mandatory challenger.

Alexander Povetkin
Alexander Povetkin

"I am calm, with great spirits. We are going to fight for the title of world champion with a young, strong boxer," said Povetkin. "This is a test, a fight is always a test. I am already 39, this is a battle for the title of world champion, of course, for me it is important. This, you can say, is one of the last chances to become a world champion. I am prepared perfectly, I feel good," Povetkin added.

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