Postol: I plan to fight for 3-4 more years

Former super lightweight champion Victor Postol returned from Scotland to Ukraine after a failed performance in a fight against local unbeaten Josh Taylor. In an interview with "UA: Pershy" TV channel, Postol told about why he failed to achieve a KO victory and shared his plans for the future.

Josh Taylor vs Victor Postol
Josh Taylor vs Victor Postol

"We expected with the coach that the judging will not be in our favor. Firstly, they are staging the show, they invited me, the rival is local. Judges in any case would give victory only to him and raise his hand, it was possible to win by knockout only", said Postol.

"After the 6th round, I thought that I would finish the fight. There were a couple of moments when it seemed that he was about to fall. But he somehow picked me up, and, of course, I did not have enough strength to finish him."

"Now I feel good, so as not to lose this form, I want to have another fight until the next year, at least. I am in the shape. I want to fight. If there is a chance and my promoter will agree to be fight by another versions, why not? I like the belt of the IBF - very beautiful one. So I'm ready to fight for other versions," Postol said.

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