Ancajas beat Conlan up before his native audience

IBF junior bantamweight champion Jerwin Ancajas (28-1-1, 19 KOs), protégé of the legendary Manny Pacquiao, stopped in the sixth round previously undefeated Jamie Conlan (19-1, 11 KOs), and defended his title.

In the first round, Conlan went down most likely because of a right knee injury. However, Jamie was able to rise and continue the fight. In the second round, Conlan got a cut over his left eye from an accidental headbutt. However, Conlan missed a lot of blows to the head too to worsen his injury.

In the fourth Conlan was on the floor again after body punches, but was able to live it up to the bell. In the fifth round, Ancajas was able to shock Conlan twice in the body, but the referee considered that the blows were below the belt, and instead of counting the knockdown, he deducted the Filipino a point.

In the sixth round Conlan hit the canvas again, this time from a right to the head, which, to be honest, landed to the back of the head. Jamie was able to climb up before the referee's count and began to signal of a sucker punch, but the referee decided to stop the one-sided beating. The official time was 00:52.


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