Szpilka: "I'll prove Deontay Wilder knockout was an accident!"

Szpilka and Kownacki spoke to press at Krolewski Jadlo Restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn before heading to Johnny's Café in Queens for a meet and greet with fans.

Artur Szpilka
Artur Szpilka

Here is what the participants had to say:


"Everything has been different this training camp. I'm focused on training for Adam Kownacki. I've lost some weight and I feel faster. Everything is feeling perfect.

"I want to show the world and my country that what happened in the Wilder fight was an accident. I feel ready and I can't wait.

"The sparring has been perfect for this camp. I have two great sparring partners who are giving me different looks and getting me ready for Adam. I'm glad that I've been pushed really hard in sparring.

"I'm not worried about fighting in his hometown. I'm only focused on the man who is in front of me. It's my job to go in there and take care of the man trying to knock me out.

"I have heard the talk from Kownacki about my chin, but there is nothing that he can say once we're in the ring. On July 15 everyone will see my power and it will verify that I am the better fighter.

"We have talked a lot today, but on July 15 only our fists can talk and I can't wait to perform in front everyone. I will show the whole world that I am ready for another shot at the world title."


"I'm feeling great right now. I was in Poland for four weeks to spar with Tomasz Adamek and I think that helped me a lot. Now I'm back here with my team to finish up camp and work on preparing for a tough southpaw.

"I think I'll be able to control my emotions on fight night. This is another fight in my long career. I have to go and do my best. This is a big step on my way to becoming a world champion and making my dreams come true.

"I think that styles make fights. My style is perfect for his style. I come forward and bring pressure and he's been dropped so many times, I think his chin is probably gone. It's hard to recuperate from a knockout like he had against Wilder.

"We've been working on everything we can in the gym. Knowing how to cut off the ring against a lefty is definitely very important. I'm getting better every day and with every sparring session. I'll be ready on July 15."

"This is a big chance for me to shine. I wish Artur all the success in the world, but it's my time right now. July 15 you will see a great fight."

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