Berinchik's trainer on chances in fights with lightweight tops: "There are no invincibles"

Egor Golub, trainer of Denis Berinchik, answered the question, in a fight with which of the lightweight tops his ward would have a chance to win

"As Valery Vasilyevich Lobanovsky said, 'there are chances even when there are none' (laughs). This is boxing. Everyone who enters the ring can hit. Everyone who enters the ring does not want to lose. There are no invincibles. You can box with everyone if you break them down well first. And if you approach the fight in good shape, without injuries and with a cool head. As a trainer, I look at the pros and cons of my opponent. My task is to see it first, and then to bring it to Denis. And to convey it in such a way that we make our opponent's "pluses" his "minuses". And our "minuses" make their "pluses".