Magnificent Seven Boxing Results: Owen Cooper beats Eithan James, and more

Check out the results of each fight on the Magnificent Seven boxing show card:

Owen Cooper secured a victory over Eithan James in a fight for the vacant English welterweight title. The match, marked by Cooper's dominance from the start, ended with his trainer halting the fight in the ninth round. This win propels Cooper to an impressive record of 10-0, with 4 KOs, and adds the English welterweight title to his achievements.

The fight began dramatically when Cooper landed a leaping left hook in the first round, dislodging James' mouthpiece and causing a brief pause. Despite this early setback, James fought valiantly, trying different strategies and even switching stances. However, Cooper's control was evident as he dominated most of the fight.

James found some success in rounds 4 and 5, managing to get a foothold in the match. Yet Cooper's strategic conserving of energy paid off as he landed significant right hands in round 6.

The tide turned decidedly in Cooper's favor by round 7 with substantial punches that signaled the beginning of the end for James.

By round 8, despite a momentary resurgence from James, Cooper closed it with a striking left hook.

The climax came in round 9 when Cooper delivered a clean left hook and right hand combination that led to James' corner stopping the fight.

Owen Cooper's victory not only asserts him as a formidable force in domestic boxing but also sets his sights on higher titles. With this win under his belt, he eagerly awaits a shot at the British title. Meanwhile, Eithan James faces his first professional loss but remains a promising talent in boxing circles.

This bout underscores significant developments within British boxing’s welterweight division and hints at exciting matchups to come as these fighters chart their paths forward.

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