Magnificent Seven Results: Ezra Taylor vs Prince Oko Nartey

Wins marked the opening of Queensberry’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ multi-title show last September in Birmingham. Boxers Ezra Taylor and Pierce O'Leary secured victories in their respective bouts, setting a high standard for the night.

Ezra Taylor, aged 29, with a pre-fight record of 8-0 (6 KOs), faced Prince Oko Nartey. Taylor won by stopping Nartey in the fourth round at 2:45. This victory earned him the Commonwealth Silver title. Despite the win, Taylor expressed dissatisfaction with his performance but acknowledged it as a learning experience. Nartey, with a record of 11-3 (10 KOs) before facing Taylor, showed determination but was ultimately not at Taylor's level.

The fight began aggressively, with Taylor rocking Nartey early in the first round, although he became reckless afterward.

In round two, Taylor effectively used his feet and feints and even caused Nartey to receive a count.

The third round saw reduced movement from Taylor and Nartey being penalized for pushing down on Taylor’s head.

Finally, in the fourth round, after scoring a second knockdown, referee Kevin Parker ended the fight in favor of Taylor.

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