Lopez Sr: 'Crawford is scared to death'

Teofimo Lopez Sr., father and coach of the WBO light welterweight champion Teofimo Lopez, believes that Terence Crawford afraid to fight with his son.

“I don’t think Crawford wants to get involved with my son. His career will end. That's how he feels. My son will destroy him. Crawford considers himself King Kong. If he loses to my son, it will be a disaster. He won't sleep at night. It will be a nightmare. For him, it will be like coming back from Vietnam, when you saw all this crap in the war. He will wake up in the middle of the night and say: “Theo, where are you, Theo?”

Crawford reminds me of Mike Tyson. Remember how Mike said he was afraid? The old lion was afraid when he entered the ring. Crawford is scared to death. Do you know why he is scared to death? He doesn't want to lose. He understands that my son has a good chance of defeating him. All of them only care about defeats. They don't want to lose.

My son always follows the top fighters. He's in this game to fight the tops. Terence wants to move up three divisions to fight Canelo. My son only wants to move up one weight class,” Lopez Sr. said.