Puryear - on defeat to Makhachev: "He's a real champion, he did everything cool"

Former UFC interim lightweight titleholder Dustin Porier praised the division's champion Islam Makhachev for his performance in their fight at UFC 302.

Recall, the American lost to the Dagestani with a choke hold in the fifth round.

"He fought like a champion, showed his resilience and will to win. I knew he had it all in him. You don't win the belt just like that. Makhachev and his team prepared perfectly, they had a clear plan for the fight.

When he went for D'Arce, I missed his arm movement. I knew he was going for a guillotine, but I didn't think about D'Arce. By the time he pulled it off, it was too late. The chokehold was so tight, I couldn't get out. It was either knock or pass out. He did a great job. A true champion," Puryear said on The MMA Hour show.