O'Malley: "Why would Holloway want to go back to the welterweight division?"

UFC flyweight champion Sean O'Malley expressed his opinion that former featherweight division leader Max Holloway should continue his career in the lightweight division after his impressive win over Justin Gaethje.

"The Gaethje and Holloway fight is one of the craziest moments in UFC history. It's exactly what I wanted to do with Vera, it didn't work out, but the knockout was legendary as hell.

I thought Max was going to stay at 70 lbs, but he's going to go down for a title fight at 65 lbs. He just knocked out Justin Gaethje, why would he do that?" - O'Malley stated on his YouTube channel.

Recall, on April 13 at the UFC 300 anniversary event, Holloway knocked out Gaethje in the final seconds of a five-round fight.