Joe Joyce commented on Usyk vs. Fury fight

Joe Joyce, the heavyweight boxer, recently shared his thoughts on the fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. The match occurred in Saudi Arabia during an event that marked the first undisputed world title fight in 25 years. Usyk emerged as the winner after a pivotal moment in round nine when he landed a huge hook that caused Fury to stagger. This indeed swayed the judgment in Usyk's favor.

Joyce commented on the fight's intensity and its decisive moments while speaking to Boxing Social. "Congratulations Usyk, that was a good fight," he said. "I thought it was very close with Fury but the clear decider was when Fury was staggering around, it definitely made the difference."

In regards to Usyk’s career, Joyce expressed great admiration and cited Usyk's impressive record in both the amateur and professional ranks. “He’s undisputed, look what he did in cruiserweight as well," Joyce stated. "He’s a star isn’t he?"

Reflecting on his own amateur experiences with Usyk, Joyce noted their close bout where his lack of experience at the time was a challenge yet he performed admirably. “I had a close fight with him; I thought I did well,” he shared.

Looking ahead, Joyce revealed plans for his upcoming fight against Derek Chisora scheduled for July. He humorously considered celebrating a victory with "his famous flip."