Lara spat on Warrington after defeating Wood

Josh Warrington and new WBA featherweight champion Mauricio Lara had a fight near the ring after Lara knocked out in the seventh round Lee Wood as part of a boxing evening in Nottingham. According to Warrington, the incident arose after Lara spat on him.

Josh Warrington and Mauricio Lara
Josh Warrington and Mauricio Lara

Lara himself, in an interview after the fight with a smile on his face, confirmed that he spat on his former opponent, whom he knocked out in February 2021. “It's very, very personal between us. I want to end his boxing career,” said 24-year-old Lara.

There was a rematch clause in the contract for the duel between Wood and Lara, and the Briton has already stated that he would like to use it: “Congratulations to Mauricio Lara, a great fighter, I made a mistake and paid for it. I really want a rematch."


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