Glazkov paid Prodivus $65,000 to turn pro

Famous Ukrainian boxer Vyacheslav Glazkov announced that he paid Vladimir Prodivus $65,000 in compensation to switch to professional boxing.

“Not what I would ask, but how I would have to give. As they then claimed - these were payoffs from the amateur boxing federation or compensation, I don’t understand. At that time, I signed a contract with Kirill Chelnikov, he had the best offer - in terms of prospects, promotion, and fights. Lifting was then given to boxers when you sign a contract - he had the most profitable ones - he offered 200 thousand dollars for past merits, an Olympic medal, a future prospect. Prodivus then only became or came, I don’t remember exactly, to the leadership of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine. At that time, the President of the FBU was Igor Ivanovich Gaydamak, and Prodivus had just begun to fit in there. I don’t know what kind of relationship he had with my manager Yanchishin, they somehow decided that I should give a third of the amount. This is a kind of compensation, payoff from the Boxing Federation. As Prodivus told me then, that this money would go to the development of the FBU, but I don’t know where they went, no one reported to me ”


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