Vasilevsky: "Today Tarasov can also beat Emelianenko"

Russian mixed martial arts fighter Vyacheslav Vasilevsky commented on the upcoming fight between Alexander Emelianenko and Artem Tarasov.

Vyacheslav Vasilevsky
Vyacheslav Vasilevsky

"I am not interested in the fight between Emelianenko and Tarasov. I don't see any intrigue and background in it, both from the media and sports sides. If Sasha had a fight with Jigen, it would have been at least somewhat interesting. Jigan is a media guy, he used to do martial arts, and Tarasov is neither a prominent athlete nor a blogger. It's silly to make a big deal about anything at all.

Now Alexander is in such a state of health that it is better for him not to fight at all. If Emelianenko were in the condition at least two years ago, there wouldn't even be a point in this fight. Today, Tarasov can also beat Alexander. Even though Tarasov is not a fighter, but now Sasha can be touched by any passerby and he will fall down.

It is one thing when a man is physically ready for the fight, and another thing when he is actually unhealthy. Look at his appearance: it is obvious that he is still recovering from everything that happened to him. In this situation I feel even a little sorry for Sasha. The finances, the managers who deal with him, have turned his head. In my opinion, Emelianenko must first recover in order to normally exist and move around and then talk about any fights," said Vasilevsky.

Emelianenko - Tarasov fight will take place on September 18th at the show of "Our Cause" organization in Moscow. The fight will be held by fist fight rules, but with MMA gloves.

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