Gadzhiev is ready to increase Ismailov's purse for Mineev rematch

The head of Fight Nights Global Kamil Gadzhiev said he was willing to increase Magomed Ismailov purse if he would agree for a rematch with Vladimir Mineev. Earlier, Kamil said that Magomed is willing to pay him 7.5 million rubles ($110 k).

"Ismailov loves to do all sorts of reminders when it comes to money, his money.

I clearly remember the day, Maga, and every word of what I said. I can not make you a formal proposal until you're on the contract with the other league, but I say unofficially that I am even ready to pay extra and above the promise if you and Mineev get to the cage on Fight Nights next year.

I am sure that the audience has been waiting for your rematch, no matter how you tried to win and to get hype in 2019 etc. It doesn't matter! Mineev vs Ismailov II this is what we need!" Gadzhiev wrote in his Instagram.

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