Dettinger explains his fight with police

Christoph Dettinger (18-4-1, 7 KOs) posted a video in one of the social networks, where on the one hand he apologizes for the attacks on the police, but on the other hand explains why he did this: “We were gassed and I defended myself!”

“I was wrong and apologize for that. But I was gassed, my wife and friends were gassed, so I defended myself in this way. I protested for the better future of my country and our children. Politicians are busy with their own affairs, and we are left alone with our problems. I am French and I love my country,” said the former French light heavyweight champion.

People quickly began to help the former boxer, who was detained by the police, and collected a huge amount of money for him. In less than a day after publications in the local media, he became a real hero. In support of Dettinger, a fundraiser was organized, and yesterday the total amount was 114 thousand euros. This money is enough for a good lawyer.

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