Dalakian’s Coach: Artem should beat Thaiyen with his tactics and intelligence

Oleg Efimovich, the coach of the WBA flyweight champion Artem Dalakian, described how the Ukrainian was preparing for his first title defense against the Thai Sirichai Thaiyen: "The preparation took place for five weeks, we had a very good camp. Artem had five high-level sparring partners: two Englishmen, two Filipinos, and one of our guys - Arnold Hehai from Odessa.”

Oleg Efimovich
Oleg Efimovich

“I believe that the preparation was at a good level. Artem gained skills very decently, I think, in this fight he will show a very beautiful boxing. Artem’s power is in his speed. His opponent is a very strong boxer, you might say "puncher", judging by his record. Therefore, we choose such a tactic that he will not be able to trade punches.

“Artem is a very clever and skillful boxer, he must win this fight with his tactics and intelligence. And at his best he can also hit his opponent and show that his punches are not weaker, but only stronger," said Efimovich.

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