Golub: "Usik will dismantle Fury for parts."

Coach of WBO International lightweight champion Denis Berinchik Egor Golub has no doubts that Oleksandr Usyk will confidently defeat Tyson Fury in the fight for all the belts in the super heavyweight division scheduled for May 18.

"When communicating with Alexander, he told me that he will believe in this fight only when they will go into the ring with Fury without masks. And when there will be no one else there - just them and the referee. And when the gong sounds.

Predictions are such a thankless thing. I believe Alexander will win. I won't say that it won't be easy. After all, they said the same thing before the first fight with Joshua. I explained then. I said that "this is boxing, not the Mr. Olympia tournament. It's not a contest of who has more muscles. I told him that Usik would take Joshua to school. And in the first fight he did so - took and destroyed", - said the specialist.