Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls Undercard - Full Fight Card List, Schedule, Running Order

Nathan Heaney and Brad Pauls are set to face off for the British Middleweight title at the Resorts World Arena in Birmingham. Both boxers come into the bout with impressive records in the middleweight division.

Heaney turned pro in 2017, maintaining an unbeaten record through 18 fights, boasting victories over reputable fighters like Denzel Bentley last November.

Brad Pauls, with a professional career starting in 2015, has 18 wins and a single loss, seeking redemption following his recent victory over Mitchell Frearson in September.

With both fighters showcasing growth and resilience through their opponents' caliber, this face-off brings together two of the division's most promising talents aiming for supremacy.

Read the full breakdown of the fight between Nathan Heaney and Brad Pauls at Resorts World Arena.

Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls Undercard

Nathan Heaney vs Brad Pauls Fight

  • Division/Weight : middleweight
  • Nathan Heaney record : 18-0
  • Brad Pauls record : 18-1
  • Belts at stake : BBBofC British Middle

Nathan Heaney faces Brad Pauls for the BBBofC British Middleweight title.

Nathan Heaney, undefeated with a record of 18 wins, turned pro in 2017 and won his last fight against Denzel Bentley, who had a solid record and knockout power. This indicates Heaney's ability to handle fighters with significant striking capabilities, making him a strong contender against Pauls.

Brad Pauls has a record of 18 wins and 1 loss since starting his career in 2015. His recent victory over Mitchell Frearson, who had a lesser record than Pauls' current opponent, suggests that while Pauls has demonstrated skill and power, facing Heaney may present a considerable challenge given Heaney's undefeated streak and experience against tougher opponents.

Liam Davies vs Erik Robles Ayala Fight

Liam Davies faces Erik Robles Ayala in a super bantamweight clash.

Turning pro in 2018, Liam Davies holds an undefeated record of 15 wins, with his notable TKO win over Vincenzo La Femina highlighting his power. Considering La Femina’s competitive record and Davies’s performance, the upcoming match promises to be explosive given Robles Ayala’s similar aggressive style.

Erik Robles Ayala, who debuted in 2019, carries a record of 15 wins and 1 loss with significant punching power demonstrated in his unanimous decision victory against Lee McGregor. Given McGregor's solid record and Robles Ayala’s dominant performance, this bout is set for an intense showdown with evenly matched competitors.

Joe Joyce vs Kash Ali Fight

  • Division/Weight : heavyweight
  • Joe Joyce record : 15-2
  • Kash Ali record : 21-2
  • Belts at stake : N/A

Joe Joyce faces Kash Ali in a heavyweight showdown without any belts on the line.

Joe Joyce turned pro in 2017 and has compiled a record of 15 wins with 14 knockouts, indicating his power. However, his last fight was a knockout loss to Zhilei Zhang, who had a lengthy win streak. Given Zhang's record and prowess, Joyce's defeat doesn't necessarily predict the outcome against Ali, suggesting Joyce still possesses considerable threat with his punching power.

Kash Ali, turned professional in 2011, has totaled 21 wins and 12 knockouts, showing he can finish fights. His recent loss came via points to Bohdan Myronets, an opponent with far fewer fights but a solid foundation. This marks Ali as less experienced in facing high-caliber opponents compared to Joyce, hinting at potential vulnerabilities when faced with Joyce’s knockout capability.

Dennis McCann vs Brad Strand Fight

  • Division/Weight : super-bantamweight
  • Dennis McCann record : 14-0
  • Brad Strand record : 11-0
  • Belts at stake : WBO Inter-Continental Super Bantam (vacant)

Dennis McCann fights Brad Strand for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental Super Bantam title.

Dennis McCann turned pro in 2019, with a record of 14 wins, no losses and one draw, including 8 KOs. His last fight was a technical draw against Ionut Baluta, who had a solid record but less knockout power. Given McCann's higher KO rate and undefeated streak, he appears to hold an edge in power over Strand.

Brad Strand also started his career in 2019 and boasts an unbeaten record of 11 wins. He won his last fight against Joshua John by unanimous decision. John had less experience and no KOs, suggesting Strand's opponents haven't been extremely challenging. Facing McCann could present Strand with his toughest test yet, considering McCann's KO ability and experience at this weight class.

Zach Parker vs Tyron Zeuge Fight

  • Division/Weight : super-middleweight
  • Zach Parker record : 23-1
  • Tyron Zeuge record : 27-1
  • Belts at stake : N/A

Zach Parker fights Tyron Zeuge in a super-middleweight bout with no belts on the line.

Zach Parker turned pro in 2015, boasting a record of 23 wins, 1 loss, and 17 knockouts. His latest victory over Khalid Graidia, who has a significantly less compelling record, suggests Parker's power and skill could give him an advantage in this matchup, especially given the similarity in weight class.

Tyron Zeuge has been professional since 2012, with a record of 27 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw, and 15 knockouts. His last win against Nasser Bukenya indicates Zeuge's solid performance and experience at super-middleweight. Considering Bukenya's aggressive style but lower success rate compared to Parker, Zeuge might face challenges in matching Parker's power and technique.

Eithan James vs Owen Cooper Fight

  • Division/Weight : welterweight
  • Eithan James record : 12-0
  • Owen Cooper record : 9-0
  • Belts at stake : BBBofC English Welter (vacant), WBO European Welter

Eithan James is fighting Owen Cooper for the vacant BBBofC English Welter and WBO European Welter titles in the welterweight class.

Eithan James, undefeated with a 12-0 record since turning pro in 2019, showed skill in his last fight against James Moorcroft, winning decisively. Facing an opponent with a powerful knockout history, James' win without a KO suggests he might rely on technique rather than power against Cooper, which aligns with his past approach.

Owen Cooper also remains undefeated with a 9-0 record since his debut in 2019. His last victory over Robin Zamora, who had a mixed record and lower knockout percentage than Cooper's previous foes, suggests Cooper can handle fighters with extensive experience but may find James' unblemished record and tactical approach challenging.

Pierce O'Leary vs Hovhannes Martirosyan Fight

  • Division/Weight : super-lightweight
  • Pierce O'Leary record : 13-0
  • Hovhannes Martirosyan record : 16-0
  • Belts at stake : WBC International Super Light

Pierce O'Leary takes on Hovhannes Martirosyan for the WBC International Super Light title in the super-lightweight division.

O'Leary turned pro in 2019 and has remained undefeated across 13 fights, boasting a 53.85% KO rate. His last victory over Kane Gardner, who had a decent record of 16-3-0, underscores O'Leary's quality and suggests he'll bring formidable skill and power to this bout.

Martirosyan, also unbeaten with a record of 16-0-0 and a higher KO rate of 62.5%, turned pro in the same year as O'Leary. His recent win against Hassan Amzile, less competitive statistically than O'Leary's past opponents, still hints at his solid fighting ability and knack for winning, setting up an intriguing match-up where his power will be critically tested.

Ezra Taylor vs Prince Oko Nartey Fight

  • Division/Weight : light-heavyweight
  • Ezra Taylor record : 7-0
  • Prince Oko Nartey record : 11-2
  • Belts at stake : N/A

Ezra Taylor is set to face off against Prince Oko Nartey in a light-heavyweight bout with no belts on the line.

Ezra Taylor turned pro in 2020 and has maintained an undefeated record of 7 wins, with 5 by knockout, showcasing his power. Taylor’s recent victory over Joel McIntyre, who had a balance of experience and bouts but lacked the same knockout power, suggests he has the strength and skill to challenge Nartey effectively in this matchup.

Prince Oko Nartey turned professional in 2017 and brings a record of 11 wins and 2 losses, with an impressive 10 victories coming by way of knockout. His loss to James Kraft, a fighter with substantial experience and a sizeable number of KOs, indicates that while Nartey possesses significant power, his ability to handle experienced fighters in heavier weight classes might be tested against Taylor’s undefeated streak and comparable power in the light-heavyweight division.

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